Monthly Archives: July 2014


Blog on hiatus

So I suffered a little accident Sunday night. I was reaching in to turn on the water in the recently-previously-used tub-shower combo, when I somehow slipped and fell ass-over-teakettle into the 50s-era iron tub. I think I landed first on my left elbow. And then my right leg got tangled up around the toilet. And oh by the way I was naked. Talk about feeling vulnerable!! Once I did a quick inventory, which was everything hurt but nothing appeared broken, I was able to raise myself to a standing position on my left leg. But the right knee was shot. On a positive note, I didn’t hit my head!

So this leaves me in crutches for the foreseeable future. Yes, I visited a doctor (sports medicine specialist within my primary care practice) and the prognosis is good — just need to ice and rest the two most injured joints, with some PT down the road. But I fear the blog will need to go on hiatus until I am mended. Cocktails + Crutches = a likely ER visit, right? And the CGP is on the verge of declaring the range off limits! So rather than obsess over constructing blogworthy eats and drinks with one good leg and one good arm, I am going to take a breather and let my husband take care of me.