BGE in the snow

Has it really been a year ?

I sat down to write a blog post, and realized it’s just two days shy of a YEAR since my last one. Wow. I knew it had been a while, but THAT long?

It wasn’t my year healthwise. Let’s just say, if I vomit, it seems to portend something REALLY awful involving a hospital and specialists. Ugh. And the dog died (that’s been really hard). Then early this year, my dad got a pretty brutal health diagnosis, so I spent a little time in the midwest with my folks. The blog kinda fell to the wayside as I waded through that plus two rounds of RIFs at work and the usual releases and patches and bugs, oh my. Yeah, one of those years. Here’s hoping 2016 is a bit smoother ride!



I have been cooking and cocktailing along the way. I’d like to assure you, there was pie for Pi Day!


And on the drive from St Louis to my parents, I got a real kick out of the signs for THIS place!




These cookies were pretty awesome.




And quinoa, doctored up with dried fruit, nuts, and some Greek honey, makes an amazing breakfast alternative to oatmeal!




We visited our Florida place in December, allowing us to GORGE on the most amazing citrus ever. I bought an electric juicer for the Florida house, and it was either mimosas or margaritas nearly every night. I loved that juicer so much, I bought one for the brick house too. Here — ruby navels. OMG they were divine!


So, I can’t guarantee my pacing, but I hope to take up the blogging again this year.

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