Pantry Must-Haves

There are a number of items I try to keep around so when I get an inspiration, I don’t have to race off to the grocer!

  • Coarse Kosher Salt
  • Penzey’s India Special Extra Bold Peppercorns and a Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill
  • Fats: Unsalted butter, extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, baking spray, bacon fat (in fridge)
  • Aromatics: Shallots, garlic, onions, celery (pre-chopped in freezer), baby carrots, tri-colored peppers (freezer)
  • Dried spices: Bay leaves, chili powder, chipotle, cinnamon (or baking spice mix), coriander, cumin, Old Bay, rosemary, smoked spanish paprika, thyme
  • 2% milk, eggs, plain yogurt
  • Stock (low-sodium canned chicken; various homemade in freezer)
  • Rice: Jasmine, brown, and arborio
  • Canned tomatoes (whole plum, crushed, diced)
  • Canned beans (chickpea, black, white)
  • Condiments: Mayo, ketchup, mustards, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce
  • Nellie & Joe’s Famous Key West Lime Juice (refrigerate after purchase)
  • Vinegars (red wine, cider)
  • Baking: Unbleached all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, unsweetened cocoa, granulated sugar, light brown sugar, powdered sugar, REAL vanilla, yeast
  • Parchment paper, wax paper, aluminum foil
  • <… work in progress …>

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