• I don’t like fresh raw tomatoes. I love them cooked, sauced, dried, in salsa (even fairly fresh), but I don’t like them in salads or on sandwiches. My dear friend Sue grows these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, and I’ll eat a tiny bite or two while suppressing my gag reflex, but that’s it.
  • I use bottled lime juice with abandon. See Pantry Must-Haves.
  • I drink when I’m cooking for real. First of all, if I’m opening a bottle of wine for a dish, I’ve GOT to make sure it’s drinkable, right? But also, it relaxes me and keeps me from stressing about a minor substitution or even a major missing ingredient. I think it also opens that creative valve, maybe inspiring me to throw in that extra jalapeno or a surprise herb or an extra 1/2c of chocolate chips?
  • I HAVE fished grilled veggies and meat out of the coals, brushed them off, and served them. See “I drink” above.
  • I have ALSO dropped raw ingredients on the floor, rinsed them off, and threw them in the pot. Guilty, too, of dropping a large hunk of cooked meat on the floor, rinsing it off, re-saucing, and serving it. Out of sight of the guests, of course.
  • I’m always a little worried if the dog won’t eat it.
  • If I post a picture with only one plate, don’t worry, my husband probably already grabbed his and started eating. He’s not patient about my food porn.
  • I eat raw cookie dough. Cake batter, too. My feeling is, if it doesn’t taste good raw, it might not be so tasty once it’s cooked.
  • I love watching The Real Housewives of Orange County. And The Weather Channel when a good weather event is ongoing (obsessively).
  • I have a NUMBER of epic fails. Once I get a decent backlog of tasty posts, I’ll start to post some of these beauties too.
  • My freezer is full of ziploc bags of goodies. Check out my Ziploc Pumpkin Curry for an example of how I used up some of these leftovers.

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